Our baby: 11 months!

Just like that, our sweet little girl is 11 months!  This happy-go-lucky baby with the best personality. She wants to do ALL we do, including clapping, snapping her fingers, dancing, waving, high fives, throwing kisses, giving hugs,fixing her hair, singing, sniffing, blowing raspberries, screaming, laughing, whatever animal sound or motion you can think of. And of course she bursts into a fit of giggles everytime she recognizes she does something clever. 

(And the poor girl saw something she wanted to get to on the OTHER side of our french doors today.  Didn't notice there was a paned window in the way. Couple snuggles, she is just fine.).

Baby girl of 11 months, thank you for warming our hearts.

1 comment:

  1. She is almost one already?! When did that happen? I noticed the ouchie on her forehead. Glad she is okay. I think your windows might be too clean! ;0D



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