Just what we needed....

Our family has been back to having only a couple days off a month all together. We've done this for years, up until last fall. This crazy work stretch is temporary this time around (hopefully), but nevertheless, it calls for oodles of single parenting, exhaustion, stressful times and hardly any time all together.

So one day, we were feeling the stress.  So we cancelled everything to just stay home.

It was not only just what we needed, but it was so magical that I  think the kids will remember it. Especially Audra, for she was the one who wanted to dress old fashioned, make the picnic and carry it in the basket her grammy made.  More days like this, please and thank you.


  1. Oh praise those family days! My thanks to you and Justin both for the sacrifices you make for the greater good! You are both very much appreciated <3

  2. What a memorable day for the family! Great idea!



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