Garden 2018 Update 3

Garden 2018 update 1
Update 2
Well, it's planted. And growing.  Most of it pretty well!

I'm doing some novel things this year.  I'm watering. (I didn't do that last with a newborn).  I'm also weeding (I didn't do that last year as a mama of three).

 Grapes are taking over. Raspberries should have been pruned this winter but never got around to it. Garlic is about ready.

 Tried and true tricks for potato bugs? I could use them!

 Green beans
 Glads, dahlias and cosmos
 Flowering tomatoes.

 The planting peppers w/ plastic around it=working as it did last year.
Five years ago,   I said that we ought to plant an orchard b/c we'd be wishing we did five years from when we bought the place.We did. I'm proud of myself actually taking care of then this year.  They are growing!. I found 3 more in the field that look to be relatives of the mama tree, who bears yummy apples.  Cherries ripening are under the net.
 Thankful to be adding homegrowns into our meals daily.

I wish I had more hours in my day, for if I did, I'd be out tending my plant babies.Tell me what's going on in your garden!?

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  1. Your garden is a lovely sight. Congrats on getting it all done! We just harvested our Yukon Gold potatoes this weekend. No bug issues to speak of.
    Come over when you get a chance and see what we've been up to!



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