Summer plans

I had so much planned for us this weekend. So many options. Festivals, concerts, reenactments, new places to explore, new places to eat.  Truth be told, I was getting overwhelmed with the choices. I didn't know what to pick. I asked my big kids what they remember most about past summers, the highlights, what they like best.  Hopefully their response would help me pick which event is of most interest.

They said "swimming in the ocean and having friends over."

Out of all the 'fancy' things we've done with them, the simple stands out more? (The beach is just a few miles, we go regularly.)

Just like that, I put all my ideas on the back burner. 

There is no need to cram summer with quantity of experiences, for it's the quality that matters most. 

These last summer weekends we've been adding beach trips and having friends over and we've all had a fine time.

I don't need to go above and beyond to create magical experiences for them,  simple can be so much better.

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