We had two problem trees, one that was dead, cracked and leaning towards the barn and another that was growing on the barn. (Look left of barn). To Adrian's delight, we hired out to get the job done. 

 He was helping, handing sticks to everyone.

 Recall that his 4-H presentation is on felling trees, so he was eager to share that. 
 Anna-Kate just hung out.
 And Audra snuggled the chicks.
 But Adrian didn't miss a beat.  Honestly, I'd think he'd prefer a day like this to a day at Disney.
 I've enjoyed having the woodchips for the garden too.

We have no immediate plans to fell more trees, but Adrian has plenty of plans regarding which tree should be next.

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  1. What a great learning experience for him. Free mulch to boot!



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