New pets!

I'm realizing it's been some time and I still haven't introduced our new pets.  In case you missed it, our bunny died this summer (see here).  With the cage, we decided to try a new critter or two.  Guinea pigs.  We originally adopted two.  A mama and a baby.  We named them Miss Honey and Matilda.  As luck would have it, Miss Honey's life was short lived.  Our good friends found out and they parted with one of their guinea pigs.  So now Matilda has a friend named Nadia.

This is Matilda:

Rest in peace, Miss Honey.
 More of Matilda and Anna-Kate's first introduction to guinea pigs.  She is so incredibly gentle with all animals.
Nadia and Matilda
More Matilda.
 And more Matilda. She gets toted around a lot.


  1. Great for kids I think.. And do you still have your cow? She had a sweet face :)

  2. I love guinea pigs! They are so fun!

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