In progress: Broom making

This year we grew a good amount of broom corn. For what purpose?  To make a broom!  Audra in particular has been enjoying picking the seeds off to leave the empty portion for the broom bottom.  Adrian enjoys using the seeds for a sensory bin. The chickens eat them as treats. Anna-Kate too (sigh).  A friend told me I should make some corn bags with them ( you know the ones you heat and bring to bed with you) or we need some bags for a cornhole game the kids have been making. We'll save some to plant next year if we so decide. So many uses!  This process has occupied a good amount of their time thus far.  Hopefully we'll have a successful finished broom at some point.

This is where I become inspired originally to make brooms-our 2016 visit to Upper Canada Village. Link here.

We were further inspired this year at the Shaker Village.

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