Garden 2018 Update 6

It's about that time that the garden is wrapping up.  September is a great time to be a gardener, as there's such an abundance still and nearly all parts of a meal revolve around using what we have. (And...if I don't mention it, someone asks if my kids eat what I make. Absolutely they do.)  On my very best years when I weed, water and am around, I have grown up to 800lbs of food.  This year we were gone most of August and with having a baby in the mix, I grew about 400 lbs.  Still lots to eat and lots to preserve.  And as always, each year brings new experiences, for gardening is an art that is forever a work in progress.

Garden 2018 update 1
Update 2
Update 3
Update 4
Update 5


  1. You and your gardening inspire me! I hope some day I can do some raised beds here and provide a great harvest for my family!

    Do you use heirloom seeds? What type of bean are the yellow? :D

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  3. Looks great! And the kids are all growing so fast :)

  4. What a great feeling of satisfaction. Love that you have 3 young gardeners to help you!



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