All the helpers

One thing that I have noticed through all this pandemic is the helpers.  All the helpers.  There have been so many of them! The first random act of kindness when this stay at home thing started was when we were dumped with snow.  Someone driving by stopped and plowed us out.  I thankfully was able to track him down to give him a loaf of bread. I notice left and right how folks are helping one another along on facebook groups too. People are asking, receiving and getting blessed. I've been trying to be a giver as much as possible. Our granite steps have become the pickup location for all sorts of things!  The theme items that have been shared the most from our home include toys, fabric, eggs, yeast, homemade fabric masks and lots and lots of BOOKS!  I've become an actual lending library and I absolutely love it! Plus we have our "Little Free Library" out front. When I give, I never expect anything in return, but I have been blessed by hand written notes and gifts in return. I'm just so impressed on how much we are all helping one another!  I anticipate I will be leaving plants out front for perennial pickup in the near future too. 

Today, my neighbors invited my kids over to their front yard to find eggs. My kids were delighted! (Strict no contact.  Wave from the barn type interactions. Here my kids are sitting on the steps they don't use.)
It was the sweetest way to make my kids feel loved and missed.
Our kids RUN when deliveries come. The Fedex man brought them these hats. The Milkman has been leaving chocolate milks for them. We try to leave little notes and gifts for them. 

It's so weird that this is how we greet and talk to anyone who stops by to pick something up or drop something off, but we are thankful and encouraged how much we can still do for others and how much others have done for us, even though we are going no where but home, home home.  My challenge to myself this week is what else can I do from home to be a helper?



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