How are we here?

As of late, I sort of feel a little like "Baby Dear" in this picture.  You see baby dear in mid flight above?  I feel like my brain is soaring in an undisclosed location far from Earth. 
I don't know if I'm coming or going lately, but clearly I'm not coming or going because I've been home, home, home. Am I here, there and everywhere? No. I'm home.  I'm so confused, my brain is in a haze and do I really know the last time I showered or brushed my hair?  (The answer is no.) I watch the news, read the updates then my shoulders get tense.  I have a long list of things that I always said that I would do if I had time at home. I finally have time at home, but in any spare moment I get, I'm here:
 My sewing machine has been buzzing for weeks making masks. I don't really mind doing them to help out friends and relations and whoever else needs one, but how are we here?  It wasn't that long ago that life was normal. And how is it my two year old comes up to me and says "You making more masks for the virus, mama?" My 2 year old talks about the virus as if it's a common thing to talk about it. How is it that we are here? And when are we going to get out of here?
 If I could get all this jabber out of my head and get out of my own way, there's much beauty about this stay at home thing.  Our washer broke and the local handyman came to help us out.  The picture of his 1948 Ford hanging in our driveway is just perfection.
 Things are growing here.

Our family has expanded by four legs (but no warts yet).
 They insist it's a girl and her name is 'Ellie". She chooses to hang out around the 'home' they made for her, to their delight. All three of my kids just happened to be wearing mama mades in this pic.
Zippy is learning to read.  Anna-Kate has been showing him the words.
 And we are home, healthy and safe.  And do you see this below?  Baby Dear was caught by her mama. Nothing to worry about at all. May I be that sort of mama. May I be the mama who catches my littles no matter what, even when the catch seems unlikely. May I be that type of mama who doesn't worry in the middle of this chaos we are living in. Even if the world crashes down, may I be their strong and steady, helping them steer through this fog, with confidence we will be on the other side soon. May I think less about the big picture, but more about my snapshots of our time at home sweet home. For there is much joy in our everyday.


  1. You're gonna make it through, dear friend. Everything is temporary. "Just keep swimming."

  2. Ah that's great you're making masks! I know it's chaotic, I have to look at the calendar as I don't know what day it is. I'm working from home, but as needed, works drying up, but I'm getting paid and benefits still there. Hubby too, in another room. Just hanging in too and fighting boredom and cabin fever! Atleats the weather is nice and gardening season...



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