Checking in

How are we doing over here? Mostly fine. We have plenty of food, books to last a lifetime, enough school work to keep us busy for years, supplies for 100 different hobbies, a plethora of animals, lots of time. We don't really need anything. We are typically happy at home and choose to be home.  But this that we are experiencing now is so so so different from our old homeschool life. Our regular homeschool life we are with other people daily. This week was not an easy week at our house.  I find myself getting wrapped up in "How long is this going to last?", then feel my pace quicken, my neck tighten and my anxiety rising. My mind gets preoccupied and I overfocus on 'what if's. My patience wanes. This is not helpful.  I do not want to be someone who worries. My goal is to stop that thinking ahead.  I need to stop thinking ahead and think about right now. Right now I have an opportunity called 'today'. Fretting about the future will rob me of my ability to be present today.  Today, I am healthy and safe. I have the ability to make today a great day for my family. I can make sure my kids feel listened to, loved and valued. I have the power to make today a memorable one. I am not going to let those "What if" questions sneak back in my brain. All that I will allow in my brain is one "How" question.  "How am I going to make today the best I can make it?"

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