New Pajamas

Big kids are telling me they need summer pajamas. (Not Anna-Kate, for she has all of their hand me down pajamas. She wears homemade pajamas to bed almost every night!) Took a break from mask making and made Audra a really comfortable breezy nightgown with a stretchy top.  She has hardly taken if off. (It so happens that she made the summer pj pants she's wearing too). Adrian found a pair of too short pajamas with a hole in the knee.  I helped him turn them into PJ pants.
He enjoyed doing it and says he wants to make more. I whipped up this outdoorsman pair (he just loves this fabric). I also put the pattern on a thicker piece of paper so he can make his own without having to fool with a multisize pattern. Stay tuned. He has been picking fabric for his next pair.

1 comment:

  1. How cute! You and your family are so creative, good Mama!



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