Body by Congdons!

This post is thanks to my good friend, Cricket, who helped make this happen! (Check out her awesome masks at ).

It all stems from a story.  My husband saw this man exercising who is maybe a decade older and ripped.  Clearly this man survives off of protein only and does nothing but exercise.  My husband said "I'm going to look like that someday", which we all burst out laughing.   Then, as we were driving by Congdons Doughnuts (which are the best homemade doughnuts in the world), he said "Who am I kidding, I'm not giving up food! I have 'Body by Congdons'".  We all laughed and said that would be such a funny shirt.

Fast forward to Cricket. She made it happen. (Thank you!!!)  We laughed a lot today!  And he got doughnuts!

Here's his one of a kind shirt:

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