While this pandemic thing has actually not impacted my kids as much as some other kids, today I feel the weight of it on me as the mama. Being a homeschool mama and a working mama who works with kids, I'm around kids always. Pair that with having no family local and a husband who works a lot, I'm almost always flying solo with the crew. Usually our summer for the kids is filled with camps and activities.  Each week from when public schools are out until August, we are running kids here and there.  While some of the summer activities I am present at, there are also many that my kids are dropped off at. Dropping off the kids isn't something we typically do during the year since I help run most of their activities throughout the year.  The July drop offs feel like a real treat not only to the kids, but this weary mama too. But there are no places to be dropped off at.  I can't even remember how many weeks? months? since I've been alone for a spell. There are moments lately when I wish I could find a quiet space where no one would find me, like a cat.

I'm trying to find ways to give myself  a little break at home. The kids took a cardboard challenge through 4-H and got along for a good portion of the day creating. 
 And I got them little surprise treasures, which isn't something that I do except for birthdays/holidays. That inspired a bit of uninterrupted time, too.

But the truth of the matter is anything I try to do to get a bit of space is only a temporary fix. I don't really need my own space, I need a different headspace. A change of mindset. Changing those "I'm struggling" thoughts that creep into my mind to "I can do this." I need to nip the negativity in the bud before it starts overtaking my brain. Positive thoughts will give way to more positive thoughts. With a change in of mindset, I can and will feel encouraged.  I know I can tackle whatever is in my path, I just need to keep my eyes on what's important and what matters. 

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  1. That's tough, I hear you as someone who raised three kids! Are they old enough that you could leave for a while and just go for a drive to clear your head? Or if your husband could take a day off and stay home with the kids and you could do a day off and go somewhere? Even if you went to a lake by yourself for the afternoon? If you were comfortable you could swap babysitting with someone if everyone were wearing masks but I know that some people aren't comfortable with that



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