One of our habits is a daily nature walk.  Pair that with most of our day outside, we are regularly learning about nature. Just this last week, on our walks, we have seen deer, turkey vultures, hawks, great blue heron, ducks with ducklings, geese with goslings, turkeys with poults, a beaver plus a plethora of chipmunks, squirrels, birds and screaming crows (we have the rowdiest crows ever!). Kids have found about a dozen empty turkey eggs, empty robin eggs and some other miniature brown speckled eggs.  We have quite the collection of nests. Kids love to pick leaves and see if the others can identify the plant or tree. We forage for edibles. We collect and mount bugs. We collect and press wildflowers. We collect and fish with worms. We record in our nature journal almost daily over the summer. 
 The live animals keep coming in.  We raised a bunch of tadpoles this spring.  We now have black swallowtail caterpillars inside.  Watching the changes of a black swallowtail is something new for us (we mostly have done monarchs).
 This was really cool.  Audra found a spider laying eggs on a maple leaf.  We brought that in and put in a jar.  She laid the rest of her eggs, covered them and the spiders have hatched and are growing. We just released them in the field.
Summer in Maine, there are so many things to explore outside.  Love my miniature scientists.



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