Books 2019-2020

This is the collection of chapter books from the 2019-2020 school year that we read together (kids and me). (Plus a couple dozen or so that are either missing in our house or on loan to friends or have been returned to the library or we read on the kindle). This doesn't count their daily independent reading selections, poetry, or all the pictures books we read (which we read picture books everyday for at least a half hour in addition to all this). Almost all I read aloud, but some were done partially or all on audio and a few were "family book clubs" (we each took a turn reading and then talked about).This is what (mostly) media free looks like. This is the joy of homeschooling using literature. They beg for book time. My favorite time of the day is reading to them too.  I can't help but smile looking at all the hours well spent on these books together.

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