He's TEN!


9 1/2

Happy Birthday TEN year old Adrian!  Double digits! 

Adrian, ten years ago I was exhausted and happy and exhausted with you as my new bundle.  You have loved loved loved your mama since the beginning, never wanting me to be even an inch away from you.  You almost always wear homemade clothes when I am not going to be here or when you go to bed, so you can keep me close. You definitely prefer it when we are all home, home, home. You don't have any issue at all with going less places due to the pandemic. In fact, I think you would be happy if we just continued to be at home indefinitely. 

You are a rule follower. You like to know the plan. You like all your ducks in a row.  And if the plan stinks in your eyes, you always know the 'best' way to do things.  You can't be in charge now, but you will be a leader someday. You're usually all business, but sometimes there is some humor that creeps in.

How you can eat!  Adult like portions and then ask for more! You love soups, stews, homemade bread, fruity desserts, anything!  Except you think eggs are best in a cake, you loathe scrambled or fried eggs.

You love swimming and riding your bike. A morning isn't complete without a morning walk in your eyes.

Your artistic ability is more and more impressing each year. You have been working on trucks from different perspectives lately. Lots of 3D art with loads of detail. 

You have a hot and cold relationship with your sisters. Either you're super flexible and participate in all their 'old fashioned' ideas. Or you want to be alone.

You've never met a stranger. You are super social and can talk and entertain folks of all different ages. You know what every single person we know drives.  Color, makes and models. You pay very close attention to detail. You remember past conversations with people and will bring up facts you remember from long ago.  

You still love tractors and trucks.  Still.  We're getting you the same things we got for your birthday when you were 2 and each year after. Tractors and trucks.  On repeat. 

Adrian, you are inquisitive, a helper and kind.  I'm very thankful we had our time together with you as our first born, thankful for the last decade together. I love you, Adrian! 

Love, Mama (although maybe I should sign it 'mom', that's what I hear from you more often)  

Nicknames: Sometimes you call me Adri. Not often though. 

How old are you? 10

What is your favorite color? Green 

What is your favorite animal? Cow

What is your favorite book? I don't know, I like a lot of books. I Roald Dahl, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Thornton Burgess, Virginia Burton.

What is your favorite song?  I don't know. 

What is your favorite food?  I like the good meals you make me, mom.  YOu give me a lot of good meals. Like venison stew with carrots and potatoes.

What is your favorite drink?  Milk.

What is your favorite breakfast food?  Cinnamon rolls

What is your favorite snack?  We don't really have snacks. 

What is your favorite outfit?  Wearing my mom's homemade shirts and pants and my Chandlers trucking shirt.

What is your favorite game? John Deere Monopoly 

What is your favorite toy?  John Deere tractors, chevy pickup trucks and ford trucks. 

Who is your best friend?  Desmond and Jude and Brady.

What is your favorite thing to do? To play in my quarry pit in the rock garden that I made. 

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  I just told you!  And playing my trucks in different dirt spots.

What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas because Jesus was born and we watch a movie and open presents!

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Lucky (stuffed puppy) 

Where is your favorite place to go? To travel to different states to see family.

What is your favorite restaurant? We don't really go to restaurants because it's too expensive because we all eat from the grown up menus. Kids meals are just snacks. 

Where do you want to go on vacation? To the St. Lawrence River or Florida

What do you want to be when you grow up? A mechanic, somebody who works at Pratt and Whitney, Someone who works at a John Deere Dealership, Someone who sells chevy silverados or a Game Warden. 

What will you do on your birthday? Open presents, Have neighbors stop by, Have cake, fish, mashed potatoes and green beans. 

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