Pirate Lootin'

 Blimey! Hear there be blasted pirates schemin' to loot our pirate booty. Pirates 'round here hidin' the chest o doubloons right and good from ye landlubbers. Trail set, treasure buried, mappin it out, keeping the results from the filthy lot of ye. Ye think ye can find it? Best be gettin' yer pirate gear and compass ready. Pirates 'round here for ye to come try yer lot. Scallywags be talkin' the talk, but can ye walk the walk?

It's a pirate treasure hunt, in our own backyard.  Socially distanced (each family gets their own appointment time), fun and free (although we are accepting donations for our local cat rescue). If locals want more info, please let me know. There are still spots open on Saturday afternoon. 

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