My Little Farmer

 The most willing helper for the gardening is My Anna-Kate.  

She's such a ham. She's wearing pants that I made her 3 Christmases ago and they are now so short, I guess they'll count as capris. 

Last fall she was my big helper.  We planted 100 bulbs in the orchard. 

Now there's color not only in the trees, but around them too.
I am really loving the different ones springing up. I think we'll make this an annual thing, planting 100 this year too.  If we keep it up, our yard will be bursting with color by the time she's a teen! I keep pulling all the flowers in, I love this time of year.  Flowers in vases everywhere!  

1 comment:

  1. Jackie, a florist told me to put several pennies in the vase with tulips and they would keep the heads from bending over so much. AND IT WORKS.

    I really enjoy seeing all the wonderful things you share with us, most especially the trials and tribulations of raising farm savvy kids. Thanks for sharing your lives.



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