The day after Mother's Day

 I know I did a wee bit of grumbling yesterday on how Mother's Day isn't all peachy around here with a change in routine. Know what feels like the real Mother's Day this year? The day after Mother's Day. I am currently completely off from work on Mondays. What did we do? Exercised. Tended animals. Had fresh eggs and homemade toast for breakfast. Then we read. We drew in our nature journals. Played outside. Had a delicious picnic. Read in the hammock. Made some paper. Hosted 4-H.  More outside play. Had a delicious dinner. Read more books. (With a bunch of laundry and household chores sprinkled in).  A day that's not so different from other days. When I pause and look at our life from a bird's eye view, I'm thankful our everyday has such beauty in what it is. I'm thankful my husband and I have collaborated and sacrificed to create a lifestyle with a routine that helps our littles thrive. The fact that I get to be home with them more than I'm away (which has gradually shifted to be this way over our parenthood journey) is a gift I'm thankful for. Today was awesome.

Thankful to my husband for putting this up. I notice my kids wearing lots of mama mades. I notice they are getting along and laughing, hallelujah. 
I also notice my gripe about this yard 9 years ago was that there was no shade out back. This maple had self seeded. I cleared around it by hand (this entire picture used to be brush), fertilized the maple with heaps of manure and hoped it would take off.  I asked my husband to put this swingset on the north side of this tree last fall (which let's be honest, he looked at me like I had three heads when I said this, but did it anyway).  See that afternoon sun?  See the north side of the tree? Afternoon shade! Specifically designed shady place to play, visualized by mama, built by daddy.  And to see the littles enjoying it is the best Mother's Day gift!  

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