When my two oldest were small, I set a goal to take them on a picnic somewhere new every week during the warmer months.  I was working a lot, almost always opposite shifts from my husband. I kept a picnic basket in the car with napkins, tin cups, tin plates, utensils and a blanket. I would make big batches of min muffins and individually package them in the freezer for grab and go. When it was picnic day, I'd grab some muffins, a cucumber, some fruit and cheese sticks and we'd be off someplace new.  Most of the time I did the picnics alone, but sometimes our schedules worked so Justin joined us. Such good memories.

I was going old photos and it just so happened that the place we randomly selected May 2021 was the same place we went together for a picnic in May 2014.  The last time we were at this fort, Adrian was 3 and Audra was 1 1/2.  See here: http://www.bornimaginative.com/2014/05/forts.html .

I have a mission to reinstate my old picnic idea. A new picnic spot every week.  A lofty, but fantastic goal.  Only now, I'm not making mini muffins to feed my crew. I've decided a hearty meal in the roasting pot, wrapped in a towel, tossed in an LL Bean giant bag with paper plates, utensils and a serving spoon is the better way to go with these big eaters. 

2021-bringing back the picnic. Who's with me?!

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  1. Yeah! We used to do this when we lived in Florida, but in the cooler months. I'd pick up a rotisserie chicken at the market, make a few odds and ends and we'd head to a park or some off the beaten path place. Great memories...



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