Re-cap of her 4 year old birthday

 Here's the morning she turned four, in pjs I made, happy birthday banner I made and re-usable gift bags I made.

And here she is licking the chocolate peanut butter cake before she was supposed to. 
And here's the queen!  Wearing the pig dress I made with all her favorite foods around-nuggets from the blue bag, asparagus, mangos, prinkles (pringles) and orange juice.
She just couldn't smile for the camera, she was so excited.

She was spoiled. 

Finally her chance to eat it and she just licked the frosting off.
Thankful for Nam and Pap, the guests to her special day.  She made us sing to her twice.
And here she is, her new outfit from Mary, her new socks from nam and pap, her new "underbrella" from us and her new camera from Grampy. She is a big fan of four. I am too.

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