I bought my kids a little something with a gift certificate I had.  

A good way to renew their energy for 4-H. Not that we really need to renew our energy, we have been having 4-H 4-6x a week in the summer with their online summer classes.  Our club met last week to plan for next year and the fair. My kids are gathering their fair submissions, filling out their entry cards. 

I had a sign outside my childhood home when I was a 4-Her. My dad gave it back to me a couple of years ago. I put it out front of our house for a little, but it was getting more rusty. I brought mine in and gave them a sign that is officially theirs. 
Proud to be third generation 4-Hers. Interested in 4-H? My 4-H co-leader said it's the best kept secret.  I agree! Go ahead and call your cooperative extension office and ask about joining.  We are big fans of 4-H! 

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