Ups and downs


My big kids have been completely independent with chicken chores for a quite a while now. To be honest, I rarely even enter the coop lately. They do everything. 

Chickens don't live forever. I knew it would be a matter of time before one of the kids discovered an unfortunate surprise.  

That was this morning. Audra (the one who loves the chickens the most and names them) came to me and said in a quiet voice, "Kate the chicken died, mama."  "Oh, Audra, I'm so sorry, I will be right out." Bless her heart, my Audra had already gotten a shovel and removed her beloved hen from the coop, all on her own.  She had a solemn face. No tears.  I hugged her and told her again how sorry I was.  Wise beyond her years, she said, "I know these things happen, but it's still sad."  Audra went to grab a pullet to snuggle. And then wanted me to take her picture with said pullet.  This girl pushes my buttons all day everyday some days, but on other days, her caring nature and mature relizations remind me of the amazing girl she really is.

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