Afternoon books

This summer, I have started something new that may just be my favorite thing I have done in a long time. I had each kid grab a bag and fill with books. Not just any books, a medley of books.  I read Sally Clarkson's Awaking Wonder and she suggested different genres.  I gave the big kids a checklist and had them add the following:

* A book of their choice
* A book of my choice
* A science book
* A history or biography 
* A crafty book

Given my vast collection of books, we have plenty to choose from! They can read as much as they'd like, in as many books as they'd like. I asked them to at least work on two books during our afternoon book time.  If they finish a book, they can feel free to search for a replacement. 

Although they complained at first (we are too old for naps, this seems like a nap!), it has been marvelous.  We get time apart with no sibling squabbles. We get quiet. We relax wherever it feels most relaxing. (Screen porch, hammock or hammock swings have been hits.) We pick a pet to snuggle (thankful we have plenty). They are picking up books (and enjoying) ones they haven't picked up before.  I have been making a point of joining them with my own stack. 

I am thinking that this afternoon book rest is not just for summer reading. I am thinking this is a new addition to our life when we are home sweet home. It just might be my favorite part of the day.

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