Old House Transformation: Mud Room

In our 1880s home, at some point a tiny little mudroom was added off the kitchen. It had windows on all sides, so it was really only a narrow bench when we first moved in (which basically became a dumping ground.  A few years ago we found out one of the windows was rotted through and needed to be replaced. I suggested we instead just sheetrock it and put in cubbies. My father in law made that happen on the inside (thank you!) and my dad put wooden siding on the outside (thank you!).  For no good reason, I never finished what was started on the inside. So, what did I finally do? A shelf was moved up to make room for hooks, I mudded, spackled and turned the eggshell color to a crisp white. I painted the door red. Hooks we found in our attic went up.  I pulled up the carpet and found wood floors (YES!) that I sanded and finished.  Then I bought some baskets and a rug and found other random things around the house. It is totally different from before, much more functional. It cost us next to nothing, because we already had almost all the supplies.  I am so happy with it (although all the bins are empty because I still have a box of random stuff I need to determine where it goes). It is also pretty much impossible to get a good photo the space with so many obstacles. If you can't visualize it in pictures, you'll just have to stop by! 


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