Do you see the theme? FRAGGLES!!! My 10 year old self would have been OVER THE MOON with this discovery!  I grew up without any cable TV. Fraggles were all the talk at school. I had no idea what Fraggles were until I caught them at my grandparents' during a sleepover. I LOVED the show and prayed and prayed it would come on again. (Remember those days, hoping to catch something again?)  I think I even read in their TV manual, trying to find a time to see it again.  Fast forward to 2021, didn't I see THE ENTIRE FRAGGLE ROCK SEASON COLLECTION, with the added specials for for a whopping $7 total?!  AND, to top it off, $.50 Fraggle Rock books. Okay, so the literary value leaves a lot to be desired, but here I am, 40 years old and finding what would have made my dreams come true 30 years ago. At first my big kids thought, "This is weird, it's like Elmo.  We're too big for Elmo."  (Totally not Elmo).  And poor Anna-Kate was terrified and had nightmares. The bigs would say 'I HEAR A FRAGGLE' and she'd hide behind my leg. But they thought, "Mom doesn't do TV, but we get TV time if we give Fraggles a chance." Well, friends...we've made progress. They are now fans, sing the theme song and ask for "Just one more episode", even though they know I'll say no. They would like to whip through this entire lot of DVDs, but that's not how mom rolls. We will pace ourselves and it shall be the winter of the Fraggles. I can almost hear my 10 year old self squealing with excitement! 

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