Garden 2021: Update 1

 Somehow it is June and I haven't posted a single garden pic. Not even my seedlings. I added a heat mat to my grow lights. It was great for peppers but I will not do that again for tomatoes. They almost grew too fast! Last fall I brought in compost to use in lieu of buying potting soil. I've always had compost, but when it is planting time, it's frozen. I scooped it into feed bags and stored it in the garage last fall. I brought it in a day before spring starter planting and it worked wonderfully. I had plenty of seedlings and shared a bunch too.  I hosted another plant swap too that was a great success.  I sold a bunch of raspberry suckers this year. I planted a bunch more strawberries I got from a new gardening friend. I got another load of woodchips from our arborist friend that has kept me busy. I keep expanding. Adrian is concerned that I will eventually make our whole yard a garden. My hands are definitely working hands. There is plenty of dirt below my fingers. But things are growing. Almost this entire garden is free or almost free thanks to friends and saving seeds.  The only thing in this whole area when we moved in was rhubarb. Otherwise, it was a hayfield. 

This is the main garden 

This is the blueberry patch, that I finally covered with woodchips. I have been wanting to do this for a few years. No more mowing the blueberries, YES!

I have scars to prove that this was an entire hedge of barberry...up to the windows...that I removed. I've started new plantings here.

Everything is mulched here.  I still have a couple more sides of the house to go. Slow and steady.

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