December 1

When we got home from Thanksgiving, I opened our local free paper that had the calendar of events for all the towns in our area.  There are SO MANY THINGS going on. I got so excited as I took my sharpie and started circling everything.  When I actually got my calendar out to commit, I got overwhelmed immediately. I closed the calendar and declared I didn't want to do any of it!!  Although I went a wee bit dramatic and I don't really want be a bah humbug, I do want to be mindful of doing the things, but not overdoing the things.  I want us to be taking in and enjoying and not running frantically. I want us to be together, not frazzled.  I'm tempted to be frazzled already because I don't have our advent calendar stuff down from the attic, nor any of the other Chrsitmasy stuff.  It's not when I do things that matters, I plan to do them when I am able without letting that guilt sneak up into my brain.  There are so many expectations I set for myself, many unrealistic. Whatever I do will be enough, so long as I keep the peace in my brain, the peace in our home and the true meaning of the season forefront.

December 1st, what did I do?  Nothing Christmasy like I intended.  I cleaned and set up the 'like new' marketplace couches I got with gift money (thank you!). 

They played and I read our morning books.

We worked in the kitchen. 
Played some more.
Painted. (I painted that. She actually likes what I painted and wanted me to take a pic)
Loved on daddy.
And snuggled for night time books. (He's 12 and still snuggles me like this everynight.) 

My brain tries to go to all the things I didn't do, but meant to do. I think the things I did do matter more.  

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