Garden 2023

 Gardening is ongoing as usual here, but it's odd gardening when we're gone most of summer. We always have lots to eat fresh and I do a little preserving over the winter. I've mostly upped my game on fruit. I keep adding, here are a few highlights: 

First year grafting apples, stats:

20 rootstock in the spring with my birthday money
16 grafts took
12 still thriving (after a month of receiving no care, I am delighted!)
6 rootstock still growing so I can try again next year
2 rootstock appear dead (but may not be).

So this year apple trees cost me $10.42.

Because I can try again next year with new scion that I'll cut myself and my old rootstock, and assuming all will overwinter,my cost per tree will go down to $6 94.

Super affordable, considering most apple trees are a minimum of $30 before shipping for a 1 year graft.

Takeaway: I'm a big fan and want to keep going. Rest of the crew thinks we have enough. 

Other garden highlights (and my most consistent garden helper): 

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