Happy Six and a HALF, Anna-Kate!


 Five and a HALF! 


Four and a HALF


 three and a HALF.

Here she's three

Two and a HALF

Happy 6 and a HALF to my Anna-Kate! 

My talker who definitely doesn't do self talk with just thinking. It's all aloud, all the live long day, and at night. You begin and end your day with books, and sometimes books in between.  You love to read and read everything you see. You love anything academic and are a quick learner. 

You love people, are eager to socialize and bring gifts. You also talk to your animals and bring them gifts.  Your pretend play is quite elaborate and all the little figures talk when you play. Even the flowers have opinions. 

You much prefer staff than to get anything for yourself.  You'd rather have help than do any sort of physical exercise on your own.  You leave stuff hanging around and assume 'someone' will just take care of it for you. 

You've always loved colorful foods and still do! You'd eat a salad before tacos.  Fruits, vegetables, colored popsicles or lollipops are always preferred over something boring colored.

You have definite options about clothing. You dress yourself and do quite well. You're usually the first one to the car.  

You don't like scary Halloween, especially creepy ladies. You have elaborate ideas for costumes. but usually you end up as a princess.  This year, you claim it's pirate time.  We'll see! 

You're full of energy, fun and noise.  You give the best hugs and compliments.  It's such a joy to be your mama. I love you Anna-Kate.  

Love, Mama


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