Happy Halloween 2023

 Found in our home costumes this year: Marty from Back to the Future.  Mary Poppins and a Talkative Pirate. 

I used to make all the things for Halloween, but I am really embracing their own creative ideas now (AKA: I didn't sew the things they wanted me to).

As per usual, we use Halloween day as a day of service. We gleaned apples again at a generous orchard.  I think we personally picked over 400 lbs., much of it is designated for homeschoolers.  Below is about 1/3 of what we picked.  My kids have put in several hours gleaning over the month.

I have one who does the lifting and organizing. Always ready to carry the heavy loads so others don't have to.
I have one on tiptoes up in the tree reaching the tip top apples. This one is going to get so many apples in the bag it might burst.

I have one keeping everyone company, eating apples, talking up a storm. This one has one apple in the picking bag after a solid hour of picking.  

I have three who are truly united when we serve together. 

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