To BOG's

 While we did not make it to my dad's for Thanksgiving because of weather, I took the kids myself and went after thanksgiving. Left my poor husband alone in Maine.

We had Thanksgiving (again) with him.  He grew or harvested allll of this. 

We had R&R with Mary

And we got to see a bunch of extended family (I never remember to take pics when talking!)

We had riveting games. 

Made some good food.

Lots of nature. And BOG worked the big kids in the woods for hours.

Audra and I crafted.  Audra's been weaving and I finished Christmas PJs for the kids (pics forthcoming). 
We also surprised my dad with functional modern gadgets that he definitely doesn't need, apparently. 
It was nice to have a wee bit of R&R at my dad's. 

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