Month of Service

 We make December our Month of Service and I want to document this year's service timeline so I remember for next year.  Do we have time for all this?  No.  But putting serving as the priority and leaving other things that are less important (housework) helps our family keep focused on the reason for the season. Let's see if I remember: 

1) Festival of Fostering Trees: we donated the tree and ornaments and one of our fantastic 4-Hers set it up.  This reportedly raised almost $60,000 for youth aging out of Foster Care. 

2) We did a winter gear swap for a week and a half and the leftover coats went to a coat drive. 

3) We collected with local churches and the big kids help wrap and package food items for the food pantry. 

4) Thanks our neighbor's tree farm(they let us trim away anything folks left and collect scraps), we prepped and hosted an evergreen centerpiece arrangement session and made over 75 arrangements.  We, along with 4-Hers and then community members distributed to various 'helpers' or people who could use some cheer.  We also made DIY kits and opened up our home for a make your own centerpiece arrangements to share.  We had several who participated in that.  

5) We then packaged the remaining greenery and distributed 3 different types of greens to three different nursing homes, along with DIY packets so they could make centerpieces.  Before Covid, we used to do this with the residents, but now we just drop off. 

6) We made and gave presents to a family our church adopted and then participated in the wrapping party to wrap all those gifts. 

7) I've planned and hosted Friday Lighthouse Art and Boardgames at the library. 

8) We were wrappers at the Kids Shop event at our local thrift store.   I loved watching the kids pick out their perfect selections for their loved ones. Oh, to be a fly on the wall Christmas morning with some of the unique purchases!

9) Our BIG Country Kids party at our house on Thursday/Winter Solstice. We'll be collecting donations for the special needs preschool in our area (craft supplies and monetary) and have a very festive time.  Everyone is invited, so do come!  

10) Our family has some speaking parts in the Christmas Eve service at our church. 

11) Usually around Christmas or after, our family tries to make a big batch of bread or biscuits to share with the neighbors. 

I think I got them all! 

It has been a BUSY month of serving, thankful for the opportunity to be a helper. Hopefully we spread some Christmas Cheer! 

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