Wander and Wonder Underground

Those who know me, know how I groove. Our family is really involved in Cooperative Extension. Each month with Cooperative Extension looks like: 

* Leading Nature Kids 4-H Club

* Leading Beachcombers 4-H Club

* Spearheading Extension Modern Day Homemakers for adults, we meet 1-2x a month 

* Working on my Master Gardener Volunteer Hours

* Serving as Vice President of the 4-H Leadership  Team

* Serving on the YCEA (York Cooperative Extension Association Board) (every other month)

* And I work on special projects and lead a specific focused workshop series every month.    

I'm working on keeping better track of what I lead.  Here are the monthly ones I've done since 9/22.  

Wander and Wonder Beach
Old Fashioned Club Makers
Wander and Wonder in the Woods: Rodents
Dabble and Babble: Art with Lines
Science Lab in the Supermarket
Sewing Club
Wander and Wonder Tails, Teeth and Tracks
4-H Magicians Traveling Performance Show
Wander and Wonder Beach: Our Coastal Feathered Friends
Wander and Wonder River Birds
Wander and Wonder Beach: Crustaceans
Papermaking with Nursing Home Residents
Science Lab Extravaganza
Wander and Wonder Underground
Maine Lighthouse Art
Wander and Wonder Underground was a 4 week games, science and art series that wrapped up. Here are a few snapshots of our time.

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