Quick Meals=Best Ever?

I'm a broken record. It happened AGAIN. "It" meaning we're outside past dinner time. I realize and that which I had planned will take an hour and a half to make/bake.

I offered this.  Which my kids promptly cheered for and declared this was the "Best Dinner Ever!".

Sometimes I make things more complex than they need to be.

It was exciting to them and it was a meal that was 100% homemade. Win-win. (In case you're wondering, Homemade pita with white bean dip, oranges, veggies with a caramelized onion dip).

I just might take the easy way out again tomorrow.  Everyone happy AND we get to be outside from sunup to sundown? This really is the best meal ever.


  1. Yum. Love that your kids get so much outside time. Enjoy!

  2. fruit, veggies and a protein...all they need to grow strong! I might have offered a warm soup, just in case they were chilled from being outdoors

  3. Good job! And can you post the bean dip? I love beans!



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