May 20th. It's the day that would have been my mother's birthday.

 It's a special day for us. We'll make a cake...I'm thinking this one...given she loved loved loved chocolate:

 and I'll tell my kids stories about her. How she was the most kind, loving, gentle mother ever. How she'd read piles of stories to us, I'd pick Bernstein bears and my brother would pick Dr. Seuss. How we were the champion 4-H club for oodles of years under her leadership. How she'd sing the watermelon song. How she'd talk to her mother on the rotary dial phone with the cord that stretched from the dining room to the kitchen. How she'd organize parties at the beach and invite dozens of friends. How my dad would give her money to buy something for herself and she'd come back with gifts for half the town. How she kept coupons from 1983. How she surprised us with hot crossed buns one day, right after I learned the lovely tune on the recorder. How she was always there for us, 24/7, her children her #1 priority.

It's been 19 years since I lost her, but there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. My kids haven't met her, but they know all about her. 

Always around her birthday, the lilacs bloom. Even with this past winter that went on and on, the lilacs are right on schedule. At this farm, we're lucky to have an abundance. So, we decided this year to do what she'd do. We'll just give them away.

He made a sign, we filled the bucket and we waved to cars.

 Car after car stopped...many folks we caught to wish them a happy day. (Adrian's mad because I made him stop waving for a picture...he really loved doing this).  The bucket has just enough left for me to bring into work. I'm smiling because spreading the goodness reminds me of all the good I was given having such an amazing mom.  If you were lucky enough to know Debbie, feel free and spread the love with a little pay it forward today too.  



  1. Please take a picture of him waving to all of us, and put the smile back on that cute face!

  2. Oh my gosh, that face is priceless!
    What a lovely idea to pay homage to your momma.
    I think she'd approve.

  3. My planner thought of every detail I could imagine and our wedding was so unique because of it. On our wedding day the event planner stopped by my hotel while I was getting ready to check in and just seeing her made me feel rest assured things would be great.



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