Switching it up, Living Room

Long story short. It all started at the thrift store. Came home with the report of a potential score. Sent grumbling husband to look. He came back with a large score.  I guess that condensed version is the spoiler.

The back story. Our big couch has a frame that is broken. We dropped thousands on a new furnace. which meant nothing new for couches in the budget. We just had to deal.

I stopped by the thrift store and saw this cute little loveseat couch that was practically new. For $25.  Is it what I'd pick out if it was new? Probably not. Could it work in our space? I thought so.

Although the husband was grumbling when I sent him to look at it, he was thrilled to bring it home. The broken couch is now in the playroom for the kids to jump on and do whatever with and this one is in our new living space. 

Which of course prompted me to change things up. I moved furniture, rugs, the like from other rooms to gather new collections. It's probably not the way things will stay forever (insert husband grumble yet again), but it works for now!
 Here's the corners of the room. It's such a huge room.


 There's a little nook for the rug hooking I started experimenting with.  Well, before the garden took over.
 And a little craft space for my littles. The chair on the left I did the seat. The chair at the desk I just scored a couple days ago for FREE on the side of the road. I do love FREE!
 Fresh lilacs every couple of days, the smell is marvelous.
 And art, by Adrian.
 Bright spring flowers to make this room more cheerful.

A good place to relax. Someday, I'll actually use it for relaxing. I ought to schedule that in.

It does look mighty tempting come nighttime.


  1. I just love your new spaces! They really say 'home' to me! :)

  2. I think it is all beautiful!! What a great room...:)

  3. Your home looks so inviting. What a great price on that loveseat! Kudos to hubby, even though he grumbled his way through it! ;0D



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