Zip's back!

That orange barn cat, Zip.  Arrived in February. Stayed just over a month into March. Disappeared. Gone for two months. Now is back.  And apparently settled in, as it's been a few days now. We have no idea if there's owners or not or where the adventures lead. We do know that Zip has returned and we couldn't be more elated.

I just love the series of pictures. We asked them to sit quietly and wait for Zip to come. Audra is just about crawling out of her skin in excitement. She loves, loves, loves, loves Zip. There's no one who hugs Zip tighter, I imagine.  I cannot believe Zip came back for more of such "love". Although in the pictures you cannot tell, Adrian is also excited for Zip to be back, although he did inform me he'd be more excited to get a cow than a cat.  He told me he likes cow farm animals best. (Yes. We know.) We all hope Zip's stay will be longer than the last time.



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