90 years

How do you say thank you to the women in your life who shaped you to be who you are? There aren't words good enough, no hugs tight enough, no presents big enough. The time spent I hold to my heart dearly.  15 years is all I had with my mom, but I have had a lifetime with my 90 year old gram and a lifetime with my Aunt Di. Worth celebrating, for sure. 

Thankful to have been with my gram on her actual 90th birthday, eating ice cream cake, playing party games (Clifford Bingo and Uno) and reading bedtime books.  And thankful to be there for this huge 90th party a different special aunt of mine organized and to hear all the cheerful memories my gram's friends/family have of her. 

90 years old, still as sweet as beautiful as always. Love you Gram! 



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