This kid...wherever he goes, he works. For fun.

 And then he finds this wagon at the farm I grew up on.
 And decides he's going to clear things out.
 (Unfortunately after the BOG was pulled so hard he fell out of this wagon, I checked to see if he was okay instead of snapping a picture.  I wish you could have seen him flipped out, lol!)
 Anyway, then Adrian decides to move it on home.

 Then he decides to clean out the place with other random stuff.

 And my dad kept on giving him more and more junk.  Rusty old, Adrian's fave.
 Seriously, enough!  But he just keeps on going.
 Meanwhile, this kid spends her time much more carefree.

 Love their individuality and how they stay true to themselves no matter where they are. These littles are so inspiring to me.


  1. I agree with you, it's so important for them to find what makes them happy and run with it! Looks like a great adventure.

  2. They have a great eye for stuff like their Mama does! I would have snagged that stuff too! :)



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