Taking a dip

My kids have been swimming in the St. Lawrence since they were tiny and got over their fear of jumping in water over their head last year.  Our fresh air kid hasn't had experience with water, wasn't a swimmer and claimed he would not swim.  That lasted a half a day. He just sat in the boat with the dog when we were swimming.  Then he moved closer and my dad encouraged him to give it a try and helped him get comfortable getting in. Before we all knew it, he pushed off and was floating with his life jacket on.  Not long after that, he learned to propel himself by kicking/moving his arms.  Then there was no stopping him.  He turned into a swimmer this trip! Got over his fear of water! How awesome is that?!  Not only did we jump off the dock, but we also jumped off the boat into open waters.  Experiences that are good enough to create everlasting memories. That's good stuff.

 The very best part?  Snuggle with mama to warm up, as this little munchkin in particular gets mighty cold quickly.

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  1. What fun! We had our kids take swimming lessons and it really got 1 of them over her huge fear of water. Now they all love to swim :)



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