Kids 1, 2 and #3 (with due date!)

Well, look at that, all three of my kids!  (Those are the ultra sound pics).

After my appointment today, I treated the kids to lunch in the hospital cafeteria (seriously, it's good food is really a treat).

I don't think I've ever been prouder of these two.
Adrian saw an elderly man sitting alone and he was just feeling so sad that the man was eating alone.  "Mama, someone either needs to invite him over or sit with him so he doesn't have to eat alone!". Adrian worked up his courage and went, on his own, over to the man's table and said "You can come over and sit with us if you want." I was over the moon proud of the thoughtfulness and how he carried out the offer. Adrian is usually my kid who is more reserved and sticks by my side, but he put all his nerves aside to show kindness.
The man didn't come over to join us. He didn't have to, as Audra decided to join him! She went right over there and talked his ear off (seriously, I don't know if he got to talk much at all) and kept him company while Adrian and I finished our lunch at the other end of the room.  When we left, Audra said the man really enjoyed talking to her because all his grandkids are in Massachusetts and he doesn't get to see them much.

It's my hope and prayer that baby #3 is as kind and generous as my first two. 

 And now we have a date..can you read it? Adrian wrote it to surprise his dad. April 7th.  Which means I'm 15 weeks along.
 Will we be needing the pink or the green John Deere shirt is the next question we cannot wait to find out the answer to.


  1. Oh my gosh, your kids are SO sweet! No doubt the third one will be just the same.
    So, so happy for y'all. Enjoy every blessed moment.

  2. Congratulations AGAIN! Your children are the BEST! Wishing you a healthy and speedy pregnancy!

  3. What a great story and I think they'll be great with the new baby. Great helpers there!!!

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