Re Upholstered: DONE! I did it!!!

 It all started in August. I bought this vintage Ethan Allen couch for $35.  Awesome bones, plenty of squish, just dated fabric.  I honestly spent 50-60 hours on this project.  I ripped the VERY well tacked fabric off. I stripped the legs with citristrip that I had around.  I covered it with a $20 painter's canvas using some staples and some furniture tacks I bought.  For ~$60 and a ton of time, I have the couch I envisioned for our living room.

Here's the after:
 And the back.  I really should have pressed the fabric, the wrinkles will smooth out eventually.  Now to tidy up the living room to get it back to a non chaotic state....


  1. You rock, girl! Perfect spot for curling up with a good book-and a cat.

  2. Looks great! If you mist it with a spray water bottle it will relax the wrinkles :) I would also spray it with some scotchguard to reduce stains. Great job!!!



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