Totally Revamped....Our Living Room

I am so excited to share this!  I've been working on this for months.  I've just threw the stuff we had in the living room when we moved here. It was okay, but not how I pictured my ideal living room in this old house. I wanted old things with a fresh look and multiple different pieces to make this room multipurpose.

So, what did I do?
First, I took almost everything out.  I took apart our broken couch. I gave away the braided rug. I gave away our huge chair and ottoman. I took all the art down that I had up.

I kept the TV Cabinet I painted ages ago (which the TV hasn't been on since Christmas movies last year, I'm totally debating just getting rid of it), my antique china cabinet, the free chair I already reupholstered, a couple of antique/vintage tables, the antique/vintage lamps and a rug I bought last winter.

Now, for the re-do.  I cannot believe how I have a new room for such a small investment.  First is the reupholstered couch I paid $35 for off of craigslist and spent about $25 to reupholster it.  I love this solid piece!  Then the $30 100% wool 9x14  rug I scored at the thrift store.  Then the table and chairs, which I haven't posted before.  Nice old set. $40 at a yard sale.  Then the art is from my dad, his old vintage bird posters. I also swiped some clippings from my dad's succulents and house plants to add. So, some patience, some searching, and some hard work, $130 it's out with the old and in with the new. 




It was so freeing to pass on the stuff that worked well enough, but I didn't love. Now I have the living room I wanted and I'm very happy about it.  The table for projects and board games, the comfy spots for books, the space to play, the warm fireplace.  It's just what I was hoping for.
For more pics of our home, click here.


  1. It looks so inviting! That rug is fabulous! You certainly get the deals. Enjoy!

  2. I like your house. And I'm happy to watch how you improve it with every post. in fact, I like this antique furniture, especially the cupboards. You did not think about that, what would not replace it all, and restore? These old things give incredible comfort. I really like the cabinets and chairs that I see on some photos. I do not know how they function, but solely in appearance they are beautiful. They only need to be varnished and polished and they will look like incredibly expensive copies of vintage furniture.

    The only thing that keeps my eye constantly clinging to it is a certain emptiness of space. Did you ever think about adding a few floor lamps or small things like oil diffusers? Maybe a little sconce or a coffee table?

    But in general you are a huge fellow, keep it up!



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