It's LOOSE! And a Monster Tooth Bag

Seriously, it's the news of the year.  Adrian's tooth is loose.  If you see him, he's definitely going to tell you and probably he'll show you.  He is confident his tooth fairy is rich and that said fairy knows how he wants this $7 tractor at the Tractor Supply. He just knows he'll get $7.00 for this wiggly tooth. He cannot wait for it to come out.  In fact, he even called the dentist, THE DENTIST and left a message on their answering machine about his wiggly tooth. He figured they probably wanted to know.

In the meantime, look what he made.  That's right HE made this.  Isn't it cute!  It's going to hold that tooth once it falls out. He'll put it under his pillow and then the tooth will be gone and he'll have $7.00.
All that noted, if you are aware of any rich tooth fairies, could you send them our way?

1 comment:

  1. No rich tooth fairy here (we also don't follow that tradition).
    But wow what a skills your youngster has!
    Maybe he can earn the money by selling his tooth pillows =D



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