November "Chicken Soup with Rice"

So, we are starting something new over here.

Remember that book "Chicken Soup with Rice" by Maurice Sendak?  It's an oldie and a goodie.  Copyright 1962.  It basically does the months of the year with a little rhyme about eating chicken soup with rice.  My kids love old books, and this is no exception.

My kids decided we should make our own "Chicken Soup with Rice" book.  So, we are.

Each month, I'll make a soup and we'll take a picture of what it looks like outside.  It will be fun noticing how things change.  The soup, however, won't always be chicken soup with rice because I am someone who definitely does not repeat any meal 12 times in a year.  I can't commit to that!  I will make a soup though.

November's edition is chicken noodle soup with collard greens and other misc. veggies.

"In November's gusy gale
I will flop my flippy tail
and spout hot soup. 
I'll be a whale! 
Spouting once
Spouting twice
spouting chicken soup with rice."



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