I really needed to get some more wood in our woodshed and I made time to do some of that today.  I'm so thankful to always have my sidekick doing SO much work...and my narrator who makes sure I'm not lonely.  Truth be told, my pregnant body is exhausted, but we got a bunch in this afternoon.  And then I was so tired that dinner was a smidge of leftover soup, cheese and crackers, clementines and cucumber slices...and my kids thanked me for the awesome dinner.  Go figure. Glad I grabbed my camera, for these are the times I like to remember.  Just an ordinary day, just doing what we do, which I classify as the best of times.


  1. So nice to have helpers...
    Looks like it's gettin' cooler up there.
    You take good care now.

  2. What you see as an ordinary day - seems like the best of times to some of us. Thank you for sharing . . .



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