Crafty kids.

Lately I have been less than stellar at remembering my camera when we go places. Since I do not own a cell phone, if I forget my camera, I have no way of taking any photos.  We had an old fashioned Thanksgiving program, two hikes in the woods, twice to the ocean and oodles of 4-H experiences lately...and no camera. Perhaps a couple of pics after the fact, but not during. Thankful for my 4-H friends, as I can always count on them to snap a couple. It's fun to actually be in the pictures for a change too. 

A couple of crafty coasters.
 And scooters decked for the holiday parade.
And my little reindeer in the Christmas parade.
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And look at that, me too! (Thanks Jen)
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Maybe one of these days, I'll snap out of confused brain and get back into my thinking brain. Pictures or no pictures, it's nice to have the memories!

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  1. All of the pictures are so cute,and your little reindeer is so so cute,i love him so much and i totally love what he is wearing.



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