Oh Christmas Tree

Nothing like an impending snowstorm to get us to bring a tree in as soon as possible.  Ordinarily we all go together to pick and cut, but it was not possible this year to get everyone awake/ready/outside before the snow.  I stayed with the baby and my husband went with the two big kids.

I looked out the window and saw this:
 Yup, those would be the big two kids dragging this tree alllllll the way back home on their own.  My husband supervising.
 I tell you, this man knows how to work smarter and not harder.

 They knew it had to be 'the one' because of the nest in it.  Have I shown Adrian's nest collection? It's all over half of our living room. One more to add to his massive collection.
 And here she is. Charlie Brown would be proud.  Homegrown, hand cut and a white pine. (So no needles lost in the house, even if you don't water. My kind of tree!)
 And look at city-boy-who-is-never-ever-going-to-be-a-farmer giving the thumbs up and posing like he did the work!  Tree is cut, next up is to get it up and decorated...hopefully before Christmas. It is snowing as I type, glad we got this tree in before the winter wonderland covered it.

1 comment:

  1. Great work, y'all! You've got some strong wee ones, there!
    I love that Adrian has a nest collection. That boy is some nature lover.
    I can't believe we got snow before y'all did!
    Enjoy making merry!



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